Student Health Insurance

Creating and administering comprehensive student health plans is not a sideline for Risk Strategies. We’re a leading national specialist in helping higher education institutions create and deliver quality affordable student health programs.


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Helping Student Health Plan Clients

For more than 20 years, the Risk Strategies Student Health practice industry specialists Academic HealthPlans and University Health Plans have been in the business of building comprehensive health programs for higher education institutions, leading the industry in consulting, brokering and technological advances. We work on behalf of our clients across the nation to secure the best benefits at the best price, allowing colleges and universities to flow through the process in a more time-efficient, effective, and educated manner.​

Colleges and universities have a lot to manage, including the health and safety of their students. As an administrator, you need to take into account many factors that will ultimately affect the physical and mental health of your population and financial health of your organization.

  • Attract and retain students, making sure they are able to complete their education regardless of health issues or monetary concerns
  • Offer competitive benefits to increase admissions, making health insurance accessible to those weary of the already-high cost of college
  • Provide international students with a solution that meets federal requirements while helping them understand the nuances of the American health system and need for health insurance
  • Implement an effective and easy-to-use enrollment and waiver platform solution
  • Stay on top of how industry trends and federal and state regulations will affect plans

And that is just managing student health plans. With so many other responsibilities on your plate, you need a solution that will alleviate some of the administrative burden. That is where we come in: we simplify the process, offering flexibility in program management and streamlining the student experience, while providing high-quality service and care.

Our aim is to ensure your students are protected and that your bottom line remains robust. Partnering with the strategic and compassionate team at Risk Strategies brings access to a comprehensive line of solutions and products.

We offer strategic planning, benefits design, renewal and RFP management, dynamic reporting, and analytics, underwriting and actuarial assistance, benefits communications, and a front-end technology platform. In other words, we are with you every step of the way. In addition to your typical student health insurance plans, we secure coverage for a vast array of additional risks.

  • Global emergency services
  • Telehealth solution
  • Intercollegiate sports
  • Study abroad
  • Tuition
  • Accident-only
  • Dental and vision
  • Value-added benefits (24/7 nurseline, student assistance program)

When you are facing the most pressing business challenges, maximizing your success starts with the right partner. At Risk Strategies, you get a dedicated risk management consultant and partner with in-depth industry knowledge and 25 specialty practices. We possess expertise at the intersection of two rapidly changing industries paramount to placing effective student health plans, education and employee benefits. What else do we bring to the table that other providers can not?

  • Holistic view: Student health programs are about more than insurance—our suite of solutions is designed to set students up for long-term success with the protection of their physical, mental and financial health.
  • Leverage: With more than 230 college and university clients and 400,000 students insured, we have deep and valuable relationships with the carriers in the marketplace.
  • Technology: Simply put, we are ahead of the curve. Our flexible and mobile-first platform, built with administrator and student feedback, allows you to manage waivers, enrollments, verifications, audits and billing with ease, putting more time and money back on your calendar and in your wallet.
  • Unbeatable counsel: We employ a formal, streamlined approach to renewal management using data to ensure you’re making informed decisions. Our deep-dive analyses provide an understanding of your claims and costs which then informs a 360° review of your plan benefits and program design.

Terry Lyons, Managing Director of Student Health Practice -

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