Professional and Financial Liability

Educators Legal Liability, Directors & Officers, and Employment Practices Liability

You want your educators focused on their work. Educator’s legal liability, a hybrid of directors and officers, employment practices and liability, and errors and omissions coverage, helps make that happen. It addresses claims of discrimination, sexual harassment, retaliation, employment practices, Title IX and tenure denial. Risk Strategies can help you understand which coverage approach works best for your institution’s needs.


Despite your best efforts, including internal controls and careful fiscal oversight, fraud and dishonesty can still cost your college or university in amounts large and small. Risk Strategies experts can ensure those types of losses aren’t crippling by tailoring crime coverage that protects your institutions from a loss of money, securities, or other assets due to employee theft or third-party fraud.

Fiduciary Liability

Even if you rely on outside advisers to manage your employee benefits program and its retirement plan, your institution could still be subject to a fiduciary liability claim. Risk Strategies can help ensure your institution has a properly designed fiduciary policy to provide necessary coverage for defense costs and to restore damages if a claims is successful.

Clinical Trials Coverage

For research institutions that conduct trials domestically or internationally, having the right coverage with the right limits, is critical to protect against potential claims. Work with Risk Strategies to create a plan that has the coverage you need against the potential risks associated with clinical trials.

Errors & Omissions and Malpractice

Institutes of higher learning are tasked with everything from educating professional students to operating medical clinics and providing consulting services. That means E&O and malpractice exposure is ever-present. Educational institutions need the appropriate insurance coverage to respond to the potential negligence claims that can arise from offering both professional advice and services; Risk Strategies has experienced experts who can help.

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