Liability Coverage and Employee Benefits

General Liability, Automobile Liability and Workers’ Compensation

Although they’re common, general liability, automotive liability and workers’ compensation coverage comprise the core of any college or university’s insurance program. Getting these right is critical, so partner with an insurance broker who understands your unique needs. Risk Strategies understands the exposures that colleges and universities face and can tailor coverage programs that meet your exact specifications.


Environmental liabilities can be hard to spot and complex to deal with. Many Commercial General Liability policies exclude pollution-related exposures, making statutorily mandated clean-ups a potentially crippling expense. Risk Strategies’ Environmental Liability experts can craft coverage to meet your needs including stand-alone coverage for storage tanks, generators and fleet vehicles.

Sexual Abuse and Molestation

Risk Strategies can help you review your college or universities current sexual abuse and molestation coverage to determine what, if any, changes are needed to ensure you are protected. Although your institutions’ core insurance policies might provide some coverage, it is possible additional protection is needed to fill in any policy gaps and help provide a safeguard against potential claims.

Workplace Violence

A campus is a workplace and not immune to unexpected violence or other potentially dangerous situations. With Risk Strategies serving as your trusted advisor, you can protect your staff, faculty, and students with workplace violence coverage that can assist your institution with public relations experts, business interruption coverage, property damage, and medical costs if a tragic event occurs on campus.

International and Domestic Travel

As more students and faculty are working and studying at off-campus sites, travel risks are an ever-increasing exposure for institutions, and access to medical care becomes a priority. Work with Risk Strategies’ experts and gain access to both proprietary products and a network of carrier providers to design a travel insurance program to protect your people, your most valuable assets.

Employee Benefits

A robust and affordable employee benefits program is critical to attracting and retaining good employees today. Risk Strategies can work with you to explore alternative benefit options for your employees or create benefits programs that meet special needs, including union requirements. With Risk Strategies’ experts, you’ll have the experience and resources you need to make your benefits program first in class.

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