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Unique Exhibits Require Unique Risk Management

Museums house many of the world’s most socially and historically significant works. These institutions are invaluable cultural centers for their communities, and proper insurance coverage is crucial to keeping the doors open and exhibits protected. Each exhibition exposes your institution to significant risk that necessitates a solution tailor-made to mitigate your liability.

The Risk Strategies Fine Art practice of industry experts is a leader in providing insurance brokerage services for museums, universities, and non-profit organizations. We support your institution with clear advice, smart coverage, and superior communication.

Museum-Centered Solutions

Our team of industry experts understands there is no one-size-fits-all solution for museum liability needs. The diverse nature of museum collections requires a wall-to-wall approach, including loaned items to permanent collections.

Our comprehensive risk management solutions for museums include:

  • Builder’s Risk
  • Disaster Planning
  • University Collections
  • Incoming and outgoing loan agreement review
  • Advice pertaining to exhibitions including Indemnity
  • Insurance companies specializing in fine art
  • Expert claim guidance and expedited settlements

Practice Leadership

Margaret Bussiere
Margaret Bussiere
National Fine Art Practice Leader
Mary Pontillo
Mary Pontillo

National Fine Art Product Leader

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