There’s a lot more to property than location. There’s also risk. And, fire, flood and theft are only the start. Do you have inventory on site? What about specialized equipment? Stored data? Certainly you have furniture and fixtures on site, right? How about fencing and signs? There’s a lot to consider and protect. A standard, off-the-shelf plan won’t get the job done.

As one of the top 25 insurance brokerages in the United States, Risk Strategies gives you the reach and experience of a national firm with the focused expertise and attention of a boutique practice. You get a custom program that controls costs, expertly crafted to your specific needs – no mountains of paperwork, no drawn out meetings.

Your Risk Strategies team brings a unique combination of skills and mindset; an industry-experienced business perspective with an inclination to draw on their expertise from outside the traditional insurance sector to craft better ways of addressing your challenges.

Of course, a plan is only as good as its execution. Should the unfortunate happen, you’ll have a partner with the experience, agility and tenacity to make sure your coverage does what you need it to - get you back in business, fast.

From single-location retail to global, multi-site manufacturing, whether you own, lease or rent, here are just some of the things we can address to help you protect your business property:

  • Builders Risk
  • Fire
  • Theft
  • Natural catastrophe including earthquake, flood and wind
  • Mechanical and electrical breakdown
  • Terrorism
  • Business interruption, supply chain and other time element issues