Cyber Risk

Healthcare to manufacturing, professional services and higher education to public entities and finance; in an age of cybercrime, your most valuable asset might actually be information. 

Employee personnel files, payroll and customer account information, financial data, patient records, trade secrets and intellectual property; almost every type of data created and used by every organization is a highly targeted commodity. 

Cyber attacks and data breaches have become a regular feature of the business landscape, so protection from the financial and business harms caused by cyber-criminals is a must. But, as technology and its uses evolve, so do the threats, regulations and responsibilities. It’s a complex, rapidly changing environment. Conventional Property & Casualty insurance, for instance, is not only ill-designed to deal with their consequences, many policies now explicitly rule out coverage for cyber attacks.

Risk Strategies Cyber Risk group has the industry knowledge and insurer relationships to simplify the complexity of managing your cyber risk profile and ensure you, your business and its assets are protected; from performing a coverage and exposure analysis that quickly identifies flaws in your existing insurance program to defining an affordable roadmap for complete cyber compliance and coverage.

Here are some of the ways we can help you solve cyber risk

  • Cyber liability exposure audits
  • Technology assessments
  • Review and implementation of Incident response plans
  • Information governance and vendor contracts reviews
  • Loss modeling and benchmarking
  • Claims advocacy
  • Connections to leading breach-response specialists
  • First Party Coverages
  • Third Party Coverages
  • Exclusive small and medium-sized businesses programs
  • Custom coverage plans for larger enterprises

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