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A holistic approach to managing cyber risk and liability

In today’s networked world, cybersecurity is a primary concern, as insurance premium rates rise and underwriting becomes more stringent. Risk Strategies Cyber Risk Management Platform (RMP) was built to help you understand and stay on top of potential cybersecurity issues. This will help mitigate the risk to your business and more easily meet and maintain increasingly demanding insurance underwriting requirements.

Risk Strategies Cyber RMP is powered by technology from Trava Security, a leading cybersecurity company with a specialty focus on insurance and liability. The innovative capabilities of Risk Strategies Cyber RMP integrates assessment, mitigation and insurance into a single cyber risk management platform. It delivers a unique range of key capabilities that help clients understand, stay ahead of and insure against cyber risk, including:

  • Automated vulnerability scans
  • Risk assessment surveys
  • Phishing simulations
  • Remediation action plans
  • Compliance readiness training
  • Renewal reports

Take the next step towards identifying vulnerabilities and shoring up your cyber defense by requesting a complimentary external infrastructure vulnerability scan. 

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