If you participate in the health, accident, life and disability markets you know they are dynamic and constantly changing. In order to succeed, you need to manage risk and take advantage of growth opportunities. Reinsurance can play an important part in achieving these goals provided you partner with a reinsurance intermediary that has the experience, entrepreneurial drive and worldwide industry connections to help you succeed.

One of the largest Accident & Health reinsurance intermediaries in the United States, Re-Solutions is Risk Strategies’ reinsurance division serving the health, accident, life and disability markets. Specializing in customized programs and superior service, Re-Solutions is approved by, and trades with, all major reinsurance markets both within the U.S. and internationally, including Bermuda and the London/Lloyd’s market. Let’s dig a little deeper into Re-Solutions’ areas of expertise:


A changing regulatory environment, a dynamic marketplace and the ongoing emergence of new and expensive drugs and procedures have increased the challenges for health insurers of all types, whether you write group, individual, major medical or ancillary products. As a specialist intermediary focused in this space, with clients and markets active across the entire spectrum of health products, we can help you manage your risk and maximize your return.

Health coverages include:
• Self-Funded Stop Loss
• Provider Excess including ACOs 
• HMO Reinsurance 
• BPCI Reinsurance
• Short-Term Medical
• Surplus Relief
• Medicare Supplement 
• Critical Illness
• Student Medical
• Limited Medical
• Medical Cat Cover
• Dental
• Long-Term Care
• Prescription Drugs 
• Medical Excess
• First-Dollar Medical
• Quota Share 
• Vision
• Organ Transplant


Whether concerned about frequency or severity, or writing student or travel, group or individual, the Re-Solutions team has the experience, market presence and connections to find the best reinsurance partner for your needs.

Accident coverages include:
• Group AD&D
• Voluntary AD&D
• Business Travel
• Accident Travel
• Student Travel 
• Special Risk
• Programs
• Workers' Compensation
• Occupational Accident
• Industrial Aid
• Life & Disability

Life & Disability

Need quota share support, excess protection, or turnkey help with product design and rating? Re-Soultions has the market reach to help. 

Life & Disability coverages include: 
• Life, AD&D and Disability: Group, Individual, Voluntary and/or Worksite
• Quota Share/Coinsurance
• Per Person Excess
• Aggregate Excess 
• Annuity
• Cat Cover
• Carve Out 


Finding the right partner, coverage and price is just the beginning. Re-Soultions' services go far beyond reinsurance placement and include:

 Business start-ups and new product development: Using their broad market knowledge, extensive connections and expertise, Re-Solutions brings together products distributors, issuing carriers and reinsurers to launch new business ventures and products
• Analytics: tailored analytics services empower Re-Solutions’ clients to make educated decisions about coverage terms and pricing
• Captive insurance: a complete captive solution for health benefits captives
• Medicare Supplement: become more competitive in, or expand into, Medicare Supplement and other senior products with our turnkey solution
• Consulting: Re-Solutions' connections in the (re)insurance market can help streamline risk-management processes, solve business problems and leverage growth opportunities
• The Re-Solutions Resources Program: a network of partners, vendors and experts helping clients contain costs and save money

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