Cyber Risk Consulting

Cyber threats are outpacing defensive measures, making system disruption and data loss a “when,” not “if” issue.

If a breach is certain, shouldn’t your response be, too?

While cyber risk management often focuses on the repercussions of regulatory oversight and litigation from the loss or unintentional disclosure of Personal Identifiable Information (PII), the true scope of exposure is much broader – from business interruption and lost revenue to brand and reputational damage.

Information is both the target, and your best defense.

The best prepared organizations understand their cyber risk exposures, work to stay ahead of them and have a comprehensive response plan in place.

Risk Strategies Cyber Risk consulting experts can help your organization break down operational and functional silos to understand vulnerabilities, liabilities and effective responses by engaging in:

  • Cyber Risk Assessment
    • Using industry-leading technology platform Secure Halo™, this Risk Strategies’ analysis defines risk and maturity across all operations and internal processes and provides benchmarking against similar peers.
  • Information Governance
    • Understanding information volume, access controls, and procedures for disposal helps quantify potential losses and limit exposure.
  • Vendor Review
    • You are only as strong as your weakest link.  Risk Strategies can review vendor contracts to ensure proper risk transfer and analyze whether the appropriate level-of-access controls are in place.
  • Loss Modeling
    • Understanding the potential for loss based on identified risk factors can help you make an educated decision about proper insurance limits and self-insured deductibles.
  • Benchmarking
    • Peer analysis of pricing, limits, and self-insured deductible levels ensures you make a fully-informed buying decision.

Proactive Risk Management & Prevention

Staying ahead of cyber risk, understanding how to shore up defenses and respond appropriately, requires experience. With Risk Strategies Cyber Risk consulting you benefit from our experts’ experience helping a wide variety of organizations respond to a broad range of breaches and data loss scenarios. Among the services offered are:

  • Incident Response Planning
    • Craft a thorough and comprehensive incident response plan that ensures a breach is dealt with quickly and effectively.
  • Tabletop Exercises
    • Tested plans work best. A moderated workshop involving all relevant stakeholders will test your response plan against real life data breach scenarios to improve coordination and outcomes.
  • Employee Training
    • Cyber risk is both a technology issue and a people issue. Risk Strategies’ special partnership with Web-based education provider inspired eLearning delivers effective training that helps employees identify social engineering threats and heightens security awareness.
  • Network Assessments & Penetration Testing
    • Partnerships with best-in-class vendors at discounted rates provide qualified and proven resources to identify vulnerabilities or deficiencies in your network.
  • Intrusion Detection & Other Technologies
    • Navigate the Cyber defense vendor landscape with confidence. Risk Strategies Cyber Risk consulting can connect you to the right partner, at the right price.

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