Custom Made

Same-Day Delivery

From food delivery to retail merchandise, the growing trend of on-demand consumer business has delivery companies in a frenzy. Same-day delivery operations are incredibly fast paced and agile, and their insurance coverage must be too. Our team of dedicated insurance experts have specialized in the delivery/logistics industries for more than a half a century, making us uniquely qualified to handle this next chapter of growth for delivery companies such as yours.

Same-Day Delivery

Courier Service

As a courier service provider, you’ve built a business on precision, expertise in your industry and a dedication to getting the job done. You should expect the same from your insurance partner. We understand the courier industry from top to bottom. In essence, your niche has become ours. We’ve pioneered cutting-edge insurance products with the help of our carrier partners that are an exact match to your specifications.

Courier Service

Expedited Delivery

Expediters everywhere face the unique challenges of getting on-demand cargo (large and small) to its final destination as quickly as possible, regardless of the distance. We specialize in the expedited freight and same-day delivery industries and have dedicated insurance programs designed to handle the ever-changing landscape of the logistics industry. Our custom insurance products are tailored to help expediters ensure the protection and security of their day-to-day operations.

Last Mile /White Glove Delivery

We understand that your business is as diverse as the items you deliver. Whether you specialize in last-mile delivery to the consumer or high-touch white glove delivery, we’ve got you covered. Sensitive shipments and fragile items must be handled with care, and so should your business. Protect your operation, fleet and specialty deliveries with insurance designed specifically for your business.

Meal/Grocery Delivery

Just as you offer customers a convenient and efficient way of shopping, Risk Strategies’ specialization in same-day delivery liability provides you fast, spot-on coverage selection that meets your business’ unique needs, including.

  • Exclusive grocery delivery insurance program
  • Custom cargo insurance for temperature related or spoilage claims
  • Specialty cyber liability coverages
  • Affordable hired auto insurance
  • IC misclassification insurance specifically for the use of 1099 drivers
  • Regulatory and compliance alerts

Freight Broker/Forwarder

Freight broker / forwarders have unique risks and liabilities that extend beyond standard business insurance coverage. Risk Strategies offers coverages and capabilities specific to your industry, including:

  • Exclusive freight broker / forwarder insurance program
  • Quick broker bond quotes
  • Specialty contingent auto coverage
  • Blanket contingent cargo coverage to cover customers’ freight
  • Regulatory and compliance alerts

Warehouse & Terminal

As a logistics and warehouse services provider, you know that protecting your customers’ goods goes well beyond transporting them. That’s why it’s critical that proper warehouse insurance is in place to guard against property loss, damage or destruction.

So, whether you need warehouse legal liability coverage, bailee insurance or personal property of others coverage, Risk Strategies’ decades of experience means we have you covered.

Records & Information Management

Business data has value, and managing it has risk. Records information management (RIM), imaging/vaulting, shredding or document destruction; whatever your business, you can trust Risk Strategies:

  • Customized RIM insurance programs
  • Data breach liability policies covering fines, penalties, notification and credit monitoring expenses
  • 24-hour claim support hotlines in the event of a data breach
  • Proprietary replacement income product (or storage legal life) in the event of a catastrophe
  • Risk guidance for RIM companies
  • Regulatory and compliance alerts


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