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New to the market buyers include business-to-business firms, the industrial sector, and manufacturers, according to Robert Rosenzweig, national cyber risk practice leader for Risk Strategies. Media reports of ransomware and other threats have opened eyes to the risk.


<![CDATA[It’s a Wrap For Entertainment, at Least for Now]]> https://risk-strategies.com/knowledge-center/article/its-a-wrap-for-entertainment-at-least-for-now#When:14:32:53Z Insurance Journal

John A. Hamby, senior managing director, national entertainment practice leader, DeWitt Stern of California Insurance Services, a division of Risk Strategies Co., said the film and television space is still essentially shut down. He doesn’t see the industry picking up production until at least July, even into August, September or October. Much of that decision lies within jurisdictional restrictions and guidelines, he noted.

<![CDATA[Blumhouse Plans Film Shoot on Universal Lot Despite Insurance Risks ]]> https://risk-strategies.com/knowledge-center/article/blumhouse-plans-film-shoot-on-universal-lot-despite-insurance-risks#When:14:28:38Z Hollywood Reporter

Peter A. Marshall, a managing director of the DeWitt Stern Risk Strategies insurance brokerage, has helped craft language that could specifically address media production. The MPA and IFTA are hopeful those provisions would be part of any bill that goes forward.

<![CDATA[84 Insurance Brokers You Haven’t Heard the Last Of]]> https://risk-strategies.com/knowledge-center/article/84-insurance-brokers-you-havent-heard-the-last-of#When:14:54:39Z Risk & Insurance

Schaffer, a Fine Arts Power Broker and senior account executive at DeWitt Stern, a division of Risk Strategies, doesn’t want insurance to ever be the obstacle in her clients’ way.

<![CDATA[Arts Groups Fight Their Insurers Over Coverage on Virus Losses]]> https://risk-strategies.com/knowledge-center/article/arts-groups-fight-their-insurers-over-coverage-on-virus-losses#When:14:18:13Z The New York Times

Policies tailored for theatrical productions typically do not require physical losses, said Peter Shoemaker, a managing director at DeWitt Stern, an insurance brokerage that works with Broadway shows.

<![CDATA[Zaha Hadid Architects Hit With Ransomware Attack]]> https://risk-strategies.com/knowledge-center/article/zaha-hadid-architects-hit-with-ransomware-attack#When:18:41:17Z Architectural Record

"We’ve seen two to three times the usual number of breaches, most frequently ransomware attacks," says Robert Rosenzweig, a national cyber risk practice leader at Risk Strategies, a large national insurance brokerage.

<![CDATA[With business halted due to coronavirus, future uncertain for surgery centers]]> https://risk-strategies.com/knowledge-center/article/with-business-halted-due-to-coronavirus-future-uncertain-for-surgery-centers#When:16:27:52Z Advisen

According to brokers at Risk Strategies, each of these facilities are wondering if there will be any recourse for the business income lost.

“Business interruption is probably the number one subject, for sure,” said Joe Levy, senior vice president. “We’re fielding a lot of questions.”

“Some of our clients haven’t had a case in 45 days,” added Chris Zuccarini, managing director. “We’ve seen busy practices completely shut down. One just laid off 125 employees. Another with 21 offices closed all but 5. No one could have expected this scenario.”

The advice right now, according to Zuccarini and Levy is…]]> 2020-04-16T16:27:52+00:00 <![CDATA[Risk Strategies Experts Named 2020 Power Brokers by Risk & Insurance]]> https://risk-strategies.com/knowledge-center/article/risk-strategies-experts-named-2020-power-brokers-by-risk-insurance#When:14:13:12Z Risk Strategies, a privately held, rapidly growing national insurance brokerage and risk management firm, and its subsidiary DeWitt Stern, have been recognized for excellence in its fine arts practice by Risk & Insurance.

Kristina Marcigliano and Emily Weiss Schaffer have both been named 2020 Power Brokers in the fine arts category. In addition, Kierstin Johnsen, who was a 2019 fine arts Power Broker, was a finalist. As Senior Account Executives, Kristina and Emily do incredible work for their clients, obtaining specialty liability policies, managing complex exhibitions, and obtaining comprehensive coverage with precise language.

<![CDATA[INTERVIEW: Forced retroactive business interruption ‘not same’ as TRIA]]> https://risk-strategies.com/knowledge-center/article/interview-forced-retroactive-business-interruption-not-same-as-tria#When:18:19:08Z Intelligent Insurer

“They won’t just say ‘hey, sure we’ll pay all that’. They are also going to fight to the death.” Mike Vitulli, senior vice president and director of Risk Strategies.

<![CDATA[Risk Strategies Issues Public Comment on Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services Proposed Rule]]> https://risk-strategies.com/knowledge-center/article/risk-strategies-issues-public-comment-on-centers-for-medicare-medicaid-services-proposed-rule#When:15:34:16Z Insurance News Net

Matt Smith, executive vice president of Risk Strategies, Minneapolis, Minnesota, has issued a public comment on the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services' proposed rule entitled "Medicare and Medicaid Programs: Contract Year 2021 and 2022 Policy and Technical Changes to the Medicare Advantage Program, Medicare Prescription Drug Benefit Program, Medicaid Program, Medicare Cost Plan Program, and Programs of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly".