<![CDATA[News]]> https://www.risk-strategies.com/ en info@risk-strategies.com Copyright 2018 2018-09-24T15:47:16-04:00 <![CDATA[Risk Strategies Named in Business Insurance’s Annual Best Places to Work in Insurance]]> https://risk-strategies.com/knowledge-center/article/risk-strategies-named-in-business-insurances-annual-best-places-to-work-in-insurance#When:17:30:41Z Risk Strategies today announced it has been named one of the Best Places to Work in Insurance in the annual survey sponsored by Business Insurance, which recognizes employers for their outstanding performance in establishing engaging and satisfying workplaces where employees can thrive, enjoy their work and help their companies grow.

<![CDATA[Family Office Advisors Thinking Outside the Box: Finding Innovative Solutions to Common Problems]]> https://risk-strategies.com/knowledge-center/article/family-office-advisors-thinking-outside-the-box-finding-innovative-solutions-to-common-problems#When:18:14:15Z Family Office Exchange

As lawyers, we are taught to zealously advocate for the client or the position we represent. At its best, this advocacy almost always entails thinking outside the proverbial “box.” Having a lawyer who knows when and how to solve problems with creative thinking can make all the difference, but what happens when advisors apply the same mindset? 

<![CDATA[Worth: Are you signing on to unnecessary risks?]]> https://risk-strategies.com/knowledge-center/article/worth-are-you-signing-on-to-unnecessary-risks#When:18:44:12Z Successful individuals and families lead fast-paced, dynamic lives. Part of that lifestyle may include situations such as undertaking major home renovations, hosting elaborate events at luxury venues and loaning treasured artworks to galleries, museums or traveling exhibitions.

<![CDATA[Catastrophe modelers respond to growing wildfire threat]]> https://risk-strategies.com/knowledge-center/article/catastrophe-modelers-respond-to-growing-wildfire-threat#When:13:42:35Z Business Insurance

As insured losses from wildfires continue to grow in California and elsewhere, demand for better information and modeling is rising, and catastrophe modelers are responding with new and updated products.

“The sizable fires that occurred in 2017 and earlier have driven demand,” said Peter Fallon, senior vice president at brokerage Risk Strategies Co. Inc., in an email.

<![CDATA[Wildfire risk: The long-term impact on insurance]]> https://risk-strategies.com/knowledge-center/article/wildfire-risk-the-long-term-impact-on-insurance#When:20:56:22Z Corporate Risk and Insurance

As California endures its worst wildfire yet, property owners face risks from all angles. Sandy Leon, senior vice president at Risk Strategies weighs in..."The extreme weather trend is likely to have a wider impact on the insurance market..." 

<![CDATA[Top 100 Property/Casualty Agencies]]> https://risk-strategies.com/knowledge-center/article/top-100-property-casualty-agencies#When:13:12:14Z Insurance Journal

 14th annual Insurance Journal Top 100 Independent Property/Casualty Agencies report.The Top 100 list is ranked by total property/casualty agency revenue and comprises only those agencies whose business is primarily retail, not wholesale.

Risk Strategies was named one of Insurance Journal’s Top 100 Independent P/C Agencies. Ranked #11.

<![CDATA[Risk Strategies’ acquisition of Oxford Risk Management Group]]> https://risk-strategies.com/knowledge-center/article/risk-strategies-acquisition-of-oxford-risk-management-group#When:13:10:19Z Global Legal Chronicle

Risk Strategies, a privately held, rapidly growing national insurance brokerage and risk management firm, finalized the acquisition of Oxford Risk Management Group, an established leader in alternative risk and captive insurance and consulting. 

<![CDATA[How Industry Changes are Making Insurance Options More Competitive]]> https://risk-strategies.com/knowledge-center/article/how-industry-changes-are-making-insurance-options-more-competitive#When:17:56:53Z Waste360.com

Pam Caron of Risk Strategies shares how the national brokerage is keeping up with industry changes and helping companies choose the right insurance for their needs.

<![CDATA[Art Gets Damaged All the Time. Here’s How It Gets Back to the Market.]]> https://risk-strategies.com/knowledge-center/article/art-gets-damaged-all-the-time.-heres-how-it-gets-back-to-the-market#When:17:12:14Z When a fire broke out in a second-floor storage space of Paula Cooper Gallery on July 10th, a number of Chelsea galleries were thrown into a mad scramble to save their valuable artworks. The cause of the fire, believed to have been electrical, is still under investigation, as is the extent of the fire and smoke damage to both the building and any works inside it.

<![CDATA[Risk Strategies CEO: Emerging risks, captive insurance and consolidation]]> https://risk-strategies.com/knowledge-center/article/risk-strategies-ceo-emerging-risks-captive-insurance-and-consolidation#When:20:25:35Z Corporate Risk and Insurance 

Risk management and broking firm Risk Strategies has been on the acquisition trail this year, growing its business through several deals. Its latest move saw it purchase Oxford Risk Management Group, an alternative risk, captive insurance and consulting firm, for an undisclosed sum.

Corporate Risk and Insurance spoke to Risk Strategies’ CEO Mike Christian to find out more about the deal, and the big risks facing companies.