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A specialist approach to management liability

Risk Strategies Management Liability Practice provides protection, solutions, and services to protect against Directors & Officers (D&O) liability, fiduciary liability, crime and fidelity, and employment practices. Small to Fortune 500 businesses, publicly traded companies (including IPOs), private organizations, and not-for-profits choose us to protect them from incidents that could severely impact the success of their business.

In today’s fast-paced world, businesses are dealing with an increasing multitude of risks, such as claims directly against Directors and Officers, cyber crimes, breach of fiduciary liabilities, SEC scrutiny, litigation, and employment policy issues. We have the historical knowledge and experience to address the pressing issues impacting industries including entertainment, real estate, healthcare, and financial institutions.

Our consultative approach allows us to understand your business and the challenges that you face. We use this knowledge and expertise to anticipate risks and leverage our relationships to architect the right solutions to better protect your business. These solutions include, but are not limited to:

Directors & Officers Insurance (D&O)

Risk Strategies provides Directors and Officers of businesses protection of personal assets in addition to company balance sheet protection, including the coverage and legal defense for damages and judgments. We counsel your business on selecting the appropriate D&O insurers, for coverage that makes your board and counsel comfortable. We are equipped with the expertise to support your company’s D&O needs no matter the stage in the life cycle of your firm — whether it be a decision to go public through an IPO process or as you contemplate M&A transactions.

Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI)

Risk Strategies provides coverage for employment practice allegations made against the insured organization and insured persons, including claims of discrimination, sexual harassment, hostile work environment, wrongful termination, and employment-related allegations. Risk Strategies knowledgeably crafts custom coverage to effectively protect both the firm and insured persons against the fall-out of an employee claim — from legal defense costs to the lasting effects of negative publicity or an out-sized jury award.

Fiduciary Liability Insurance (FLI)

Risk Strategies provides Fiduciary Liability coverage for your company, employee benefit plans, and plan fiduciaries for allegations of errors and omission or breach of fiduciary duties in the management of those plans. Risk Strategies aims to ensure your 403 (b) plan follows governance and risk management best practices. Risk Strategies conducts a Fiduciary Risk Assessment which provides practical steps to reduce litigation risks. Our detailed policy gap analysis will carefully pinpoint coverage areas vital to managing a claim and mounting a defense.

Roadshow Insurance Coverage

Risk Strategies provides Roadshow coverage to help our client navigate the tumultuous journey of transitioning from a privately-held organization to a publicly traded firm. The Roadshow is intended to attract interest in the investment of a company preparing for an IPO. Institutional investors, analysts, and money managers attend by invitation. This insurance protects key executives against legal claims and liability for alleged misleading statements made during the Roadshow. Risk Strategies can help identify whether current D&O insurance policies cover your Roadshow risks and provide solutions for appropriate coverage should the need exist.

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