Construction projects are complex undertakings, even before they’re begun. Risk Strategies specialist have the experience and expertise in contract and commercial surety bonds you need to ensure your project risks and liabilities are managed and mitigated – start to finish.


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Helping Surety Bond Clients

​Our Surety practice specializes in contract and commercial surety bonds with a particular focus on the construction industry. Surety bonds guarantee that the obligations of a bonded entity will be fulfilled. Our extensive background serving all businesses in the construction industry, including general contractors, subcontractors, suppliers and developers, gives us a unique edge in the contract surety market.

Construction is a complex, volatile and high-stakes world filled with both financial and physical risks. We mitigate the risks and liabilities that could affect your business, including:

  • Access to enough surety credit to allow you to bid and perform work
  • Unknowns in construction projects, including contracts, permits, people, equipment, weather, local codes, geological quirks, etc.
  • Taking on too much corporate and personal risk in order to procure bonds
  • Effectively managing the risk of subcontractors
  • Complexity of the surety bond marketplace

We believe you are best served by industry and product line specialists. Our specialty capabilities for large accounts, growth and emerging contractors, and accounts that require specialty “tools” come with a national reputation in the surety business.

  • Collaborate with our surety partners to maximize our clients’ surety credit
  • Work to understand specific risks and plan for the unknown
  • Help decrease risk by better understanding the surety relationship, anticipating needs and removing certain personal guarantees
  • Develop robust subcontractor bond-back programs while mitigating risk through the use of robust construction contracts
  • Provide a competitive advantage by positioning our clients to take advantage of surety market conditions through sound advice, meaningful relationships and marketplace study
  • Small Surety – right now. Need a surety bond with a penal sum less than $100,000? We can help today. License & permit bonds, Court bonds, Fidelity bonds, and more can be submitted, underwritten, purchased and issued in a single, simple online process. Just click to get started.

When you’re facing the most pressing business challenges, maximizing your success starts with the right partner. At Risk Strategies, you get a dedicated risk management consultant and partner with in-depth industry knowledge and 25 specialty practices. Our team is made up of veterans in both the construction and insurance industries. Utilizing our national platform, specialty focus, deep resources, and long-standing carrier relationships, we help clients of all sizes thrive. We offer expertise that spans every aspect of construction risk and liability, from financing and design, to pre-construction, construction and completion.

  • Deep and extensive relationships throughout the entire American surety marketplace
  • Experience working with a broad range of clients from ENR300 contractors to start-up growth and emerging contractors
  • Financial expertise that allows us to go deeper and provide more in-depth analysis than other brokers
  • Well-versed in the use of surety tools, from SBA guarantees and collateral to funds control and capital retention, to creatively get the job done
  • Development of comprehensive, innovative plans that eliminate surprises

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