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8-Hr Fall Protection course objectives

Trainees will become generally familiar with terms associated with falls in construction, enabling them to recognize, avoid, and prevent fall hazards from causing harm. They will also gain awareness of regulatory safety requirements, including OSHA’s Subpart M, before learning how to make informed decisions when working at heights.

2-hr Pre-task Meeting Course Objectives

Students will learn the purpose and proper presentation of pre-task meetings. Additionally, they will become aware of administrative regulatory requirements associated with pre-task meetings and record keeping standards.

4-Hr Supported Scaffold Course Objectives

Students will become generally familiar with various supported scaffolds and components, learn about common causes of accidents and prevention, review sections of OSHA 1926 and NYC Construction Codes, receive instructions on navigating the DOB website, understand fall protection principles and equipment, be educated on scaffold use and inspections, and become familiar with emergency situations and preparedness procedures.

2-Hr Toolbox Talks Course objectives

Students will become familiar with Toolbox Talks as a quick and easy way for competent persons to reinforce and supplement established training efforts of an employer and keep safety and health compliance at the forefront of all workers minds. Additionally, the class will heighten students’ awareness of the need for effective toolbox talks. Moreover, it will demonstrate how to obtain feedback from workers when providing toolbox talks so the talks can become more relevant to what tasks workers are performing. Furthermore, the class will demonstrate how effective toolbox talks can increase camaraderie, communication, and overall jobsite culture.

Certificate of Completion

Upon successful completion of the course, the student will receive a wallet sized Supported Scaffold User Card that is valid for 4 years. Additionally, the student will receive a certificate and will be able to apply these class hours to obtain a NYC SST card.

Additional Course Information

Course Dates and Times: 

5/11/2024 & 5/18/2024 at 8:00 AM EST


20 Cedar Street, Suite 103
New Rochelle, NY 10801



Includes the cost of the refresher card

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