Risk Strategies Launches New Website

Elevates client experience with improved user experience, valuable content, and enhanced digital functionality

BOSTON, December 05, 2022 -- Risk Strategies, a leading national specialty insurance brokerage and risk management and consulting firm, today launched a new website designed to provide specialty insights, practical advice, and valuable information for businesses and individuals seeking insurance, risk management, and consulting services. The website highlights the company’s full scope of solutions and service offerings, while providing the latest digital user experience for clients, prospects, potential M&A partners, and attracting new talent.

As the 9th largest US privately held brokerage, Risk Strategies is rapidly expanding, and the website is designed to provide the latest information. It will continue to evolve in concert with the business as the company’s rapid growth continues. The website offers one-click access to 30+ industry practices in property & casualty, employee benefits, private client services, financial & wealth, and consulting services. The site also provides insights such as state of the market reports, timely industry blogs and thought leadership on a variety of topics, employee benefits compliance center, as well as risk management resources and emergency resource centers.

“Effectively managing risk and liability is crucial to the success of our clients in today’s complex world,” said Jennifer Johnston, Risk Strategies chief marketing officer. “Our website is designed for the buyer-centric digital world, where buyers expect to engage in digital channels to learn and easily explore solutions online. Insurance is a complex buying decision. Our brokers are specialists and are here to advise and help to guide clients to realize their unique goals. The value proposition we deliver as specialists, and the insights and knowledge our leaders deliver, gives clients the confidence they need in an increasingly risky world.”

The company places a premium on attracting the best talent to support its clients and destination culture, and the new site careers section makes it easier for job seekers to find and pursue a match for their interests. Similarly, the site’s new mergers & acquisitions section will provide insights on the benefits of joining the Risk Strategies family.

To learn more about Risk Strategies, please visit www.riskstrategies.com

About Risk Strategies

Risk Strategies is the 9th largest privately held US brokerage firm offering comprehensive risk management advice, insurance and reinsurance placement for property & casualty, employee benefits, private client services, as well as consulting services and financial & wealth solutions. With more than 30 specialty practices, Risk Strategies serves commercial companies, nonprofits, public entities, and individuals, and has access to all major insurance markets. Risk Strategies has over 100 offices including Boston, New York City, Chicago, Toronto, Montreal, Grand Cayman, Miami, Atlanta, Dallas, Nashville, Washington DC, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. RiskStrategies.com.

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