Risk Strategies/DeWitt Stern Group Employees Are Honored as Prestigious 2015 Power Brokers From Risk & Insurance Magazine

Award Recognizes Dedication to Client Service

BOSTON, March 16, 2015 -- Risk Strategies, a leading national specialty insurance brokerage and risk management and consulting firm, today announced that three brokers in the organization were honored as 2015 Power Brokers® by Risk & Insurance® magazine. The designation, announced in the February issue of Risk & Insurance®, is based on nominations provided by brokers and risk managers, and is judged on the quality of the application and on references by risk managers in each industry sector. Hundreds of risk managers and risk executives are interviewed in the process of identifying and soliciting, evaluating and judging the nominees. Brokers are judged primarily on their creativity in solving risk-related problems during the previous year, their demonstrated industry knowledge and their high level of client service.

Mary Pontillo, Vice President for DeWitt Stern, was recognized in the category of art for ensuring safety of assets through her ability to break complex problems down into manageable steps. This strength has allowed many of Pontillo's clients to secure a better insurance package for a lower price, and in a much quicker timeframe than what is typical. In addition to this award, Pontillo was selected as a 2015 Power Broker® Under 40, a designation she has received four times previously, and is given to individuals in the insurance industry who demonstrate that age is no barrier when it comes to succeeding in the commercial insurance business.

Samuel Pugatch, Vice President for DeWitt Stern, was also honored in the category of art, for securing remarkable art fair coverage for many of his clients. Art fairs are often seen as a high-risk for insurers that may have many clients with a lot of valuable work in the same place. Pugatch's resourcefulness, communication skills and sharp instinct helped many of his clients solve complicated insurance issues with little hassle. Pugatch was selected as a power broker in the category of art in 2014 as well, and he was chosen as a Power Broker® Under 40 in 2014 and 2013. 

Robert Rosenzweig, Vice President for DeWitt Stern, was recognized in the category of technology for setting the pace in cyber. Rosenzweig's consultative approach, knowledge in the area of errors and omissions, and his ability to customize and manuscript coverage to keep pace with the rapidly changing exposures in the high-tech sector, have helped countless of his clients assess the correct type of insurance coverage for their needs, allowing them to increase their security and cut costs.

"We are very proud of our partners and their accomplishments," said Michael Christian, Chief Executive Officer of Risk Strategies Company. "Their dedication to the insurance brokerage industry and top notch service are the qualities that make our company succeed in providing the best possible insurance solutions to our clients. Their dedication is an inspiration to us all, and we congratulate them on this very impressive achievement."

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