Risk Strategies Announces Innovative New Cyber Risk Management Service Offering

Cyber Risk Management Platform offers continuous insight into cyber vulnerabilities, simplifies renewal process

BOSTON, July 12, 2023 -- Risk Strategies, a leading national specialty insurance brokerage and risk management firm, today announced its Cyber Risk Management Platform (RMP)--a new cyber risk management service offering, that goes beyond simply providing clients with external vulnerability scans to recommend practical ways to shore up cyber defenses. The new solution is powered in partnership with Trava Security, a leading cyber and compliance risk management company. This crucial functionality will be available to Risk Strategies clients as a value-added service.

“Understanding cyber shortcomings is important, but it’s not enough,” said Allen Blount, National Cyber and Technology Product Leader. “We offer intelligent infrastructure scanning that can detail the issues but can also deliver client-specific recommendations to effectively shore up cyber defenses and meet tough insurance underwriting standards, which allows us to obtain the broadest cyber liability coverage at the best possible rates.”

In today’s networked world, cybersecurity is a primary concern, as insurance premium rates rise and underwriting becomes more stringent. Risk Strategies Cyber RMP was built to help clients understand and stay on top of potential cybersecurity issues. This will help mitigate the risk to their business and more easily meet and maintain increasingly demanding insurance underwriting requirements.

Risk Strategies Cyber RMP is powered by technology from Trava Security, a leading cybersecurity company with a specialty focus on insurance and liability. The innovative capabilities of Risk Strategies Cyber RMP integrates assessment, mitigation and insurance into a single cyber risk management platform. It delivers a unique range of key capabilities that help clients understand, stay ahead of and insure against cyber risk, including:

  • Automated vulnerability scans
  • Risk assessment surveys
  • Phishing simulations
  • Remediation action plans
  • Compliance readiness training
  • Renewal reports

“We’re excited to partner with a specialty broker that has the scope and reputation of Risk Strategies,” said Ryan Dunn, Director of Insurance, Trava. “The new demands of cyber underwriting and the ongoing threats clients face require the leading-edge approach to simplified cyber risk management that our technology can provide brokers and clients.”

Cyber liability is a rapidly evolving risk, requiring a true specialist with experience, tailored coverage options and expert resources to help clients manage in today’s world. With this new Cyber RMP offering, Risk Strategies Cyber Risk Specialists will be able to help clients of all sizes with a highly effective, holistic approach to managing cyber risk and liability.

To learn more about Risk Strategies, please visit www.riskstrategies.com.

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