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Pro Safety has designed and developed a web-based proprietary audit and reporting system that allows the following:

  • Our safety auditors can input audit information (including a summary of site activity, safety violations, positive observations, photos, etc.) during or immediately following a safety walkthrough. During each walkthrough, our auditors are reviewing the site for compliance with respect to activities in several construction or general industry safety categories, each of which has an extensive list of queries designed to provide our clients with as many relevant site activity details as needed.
  • Within 12-24 hours of the walkthrough, the audit results are available to our clients so that they have real-time information to make quick and decisive adjustments to their construction or general industry environment. Client notification is accomplished via an e-mail alerting the client to the release of a new audit report. The client then can easily access our password-protected portal to view the new report.
  • Every month, the client receives a summary report of the safety violations identified during the previous month. This report provides the client with a general overview of the month’s safety issues, thus allowing the client to track and address trends (both positive and negative).
  • Although we consider the list of safety queries used by our auditors to be comprehensive, we are capable of tailoring the queries to meet specific client needs. Thus, a client can have extensive input into the design of its own list of queries (that can be used company-wide or tailored for each project if desired).

Access the Pro Safety Client Portal >>

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