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From operations to client engagement, you know details matter. Risk Strategies is an experienced specialist – in your industry and ours. Our practitioners deliver tailored coverage, expert insight and true partnership to protect your business and its people.


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Helping Law Firm Clients

​We understand the pressing risks law firms face today and we are ready to take on every challenge - from cyber security, to negative press and tackling a hardening market.

Our team understands the vulnerabilities you face. Thanks to our expertise in the market, our team will seamlessly become integrated partners with you and your firm, protecting it from the myriad of risks present today.

With the ever-changing needs of operational security, a 24-hour news cycle and their impacts on profits, our team is agile in addressing the issues law firms will face, before they surface. Our programs are designed with your business top of mind, and our finger is on the pulse of your changing needs. Prominent risks include:

  • Cyber security incidents increase and change as breach/ransomware attacks become more sophisticated
  • Firms face pressure from large clients to provide indemnity beyond the scope of professional liability coverage
  • The growing pressure around diversity and inclusion
  • The potential for negative press and reputational damage
  • A hardening insurance market impacting firm budgets and profitability

Policies for law firms are viewed holistically to avoid potential gaps and duplication of coverage. Each program is customized to meet the unique exposures you face while taking risk tolerance levels into consideration.

  • Cyber security insurance to pair with professional liability policies
  • Bespoke professional liability primary layer policy with follow form quote share and excess layer COI
  • Negotiation for bespoke management liability and employment practices liability policies
  • Mitigate disruption and reputational damage associated with lawsuits alleging harassment/discrimination
  • Data analytics that include benchmarking to provide decision making insights
  • A prepared timeline that outlines client and broker responsibilities and deadlines

When you’re facing the most pressing business challenges, maximizing your success starts with the right partner. At Risk Strategies, you get a dedicated risk management consultant and partner with in-depth industry knowledge and 25 specialty practices. Our brokers take pride in working with you and your firm, and will provide strategic, forward-thinking collaboration.

  • Detailed analysis of your firm’s current professional liability program to address coverage, structure and submission materials
  • Collaborative consulting to highlight issues relevant to insurers and present the firm in a positive light
  • A structured renewal to help create insurer competition for the risk
  • Coaching throughout the process with the ultimate goal of negotiating cost-effective broad coverage
  • Involvement in the claims process to ensure the desired outcome for you
  • Responsiveness, expertise and results
  • Coordinated teams across professional, cyber, property & casualty, and employee benefits
  • A strategic process and holistic view of your insurance program

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