Devil in the Details

Contract Review

Effective risk management requires clarity, starting from client and project intake. Risk Strategies goes beyond getting your policies right. Our contract review and revision services help clients identify heightened risks and make informed decisions consistent with insurability and their own risk tolerance.

Claims Advocacy

An insurance policy is a promise to pay. Realizing that promise, however, can get complicated. Claims administration can give rise to coverage disputes, reservation of rights letters, the refusal to consent to the client’s desired counsel, and a failure to consider the value of client relationships during settlement discussions.  Risk Strategies understands the roadblocks insurers can erect and has the leverage and expertise to advocate for clients for successful dispute resolution.

Application Process Counsel

Want the broadest coverage at the best price? Getting your underwriting submission right is key. As a Risk Strategies client, you’ll have an experienced partner who understands how to build your case, emphasizing your firm’s approach to mitigating risk on all project types and disciplines. Collaborate with our experts and avoid the knee-jerk underwriter reactions that lead to higher premiums.

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