Professional Services

Lawyer, architect, CPA or engineer, you operate in an intricate, rigorous world of service and professional advice that opens you to risk. Contracts, blueprints, audits or CAD drawings; a missed or misunderstood detail could put your reputation, business, livelihood and even personal assets, in jeopardy. To do your best work, you need certainty that all you value is beyond risk.

Professional liability insurance is an effective way to protect you and your firm. It’s a critical insurance purchases -- and among the most complex to get right.

Ranked among the top 25 insurance brokerages in the United States with offices throughout the country, Risk Strategies Company can unpack and streamline the complexities of your liability exposure, freeing you to focus on practicing your craft and running your business with confidence.

From professional liability to executive risk, errors and omissions to negligence, you’ll get knowledgeably tailored plans that effectively manage the subtle and not-so-subtle ways your business and reputation could be compromised. You can also trust us to help cover the basic needs and risks of running your business, including a competitive benefits program and comprehensive property and casualty coverage.

Some other ways we can free you to focus include:

For Law Firms

  • Employment practices liability
  • Data security and cyber liability
  • Practices and procedures risk reviews
  • Manage claims process in case of suit
  • Peer connection groups to share best practices

For Architects & Engineers

  • Complimentary contract reviews and risk management seminars
  • Exclusive access to specialized carriers
  • Elite access to programs through our preferred partner relationships
  • Application process counsel
  • Coverage benchmarking and data analysis

For Accountants

  • Vendor contract reviews
  • Risk management seminars for CEUs
  • Access to AICPA endorsed insurance programs
  • Risk control services with assistance from former practicing CPAs