Track 1 ACO moving to a risk-based model? Two Webinars just for you.

Track 1 ACO moving to a risk-based model? Two Webinars just for you.

If you are a Track 1 ACO considering moving to a risk-based model in 2019, we have two webinars just for you:

 - Transitioning Into a Successful Risk-Based ACO Part 1:
     Why Transition to Risk and How to Protect Your ACO.
 - Transitioning Into a Successful Risk-Based ACO Part 2:
     How to Prepare for Risk

This presentation hosted by the ACOExhibitHall, Chuck Newton of Risk Strategies, John Schmitt of Reliance Consulting Group and Andrew Webster of Validate Health addresses why your ACO should consider taking risk, how the financial solvency of your ACO can be protected, and how you can prepare your ACO for risk.

Covered in our Part 1 webinar:

  • Risk taking in the context of MACRA
  • The move toward ACO Risk:  results & analysis
  • Financial protection for your ACO

And covered in Part 2:

  • The standoff between ACOs and CMS
  • 10 reasons ACOs can fail
  • ACO risk management: 5 operational steps
  • Key actuarial considerations for success
  • Risk protection tools and examples

If you would like to review a recording of the webinar and/or download the slides, you can do so here:

   -  View Part 1 Webinar
   -  View Part 2 Webinar

If you wish to contact any of the speakers, Chuck's, John's and Andrew’s contact information is available on the last page of either slide-set.

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