Schooled In Campus Property and Tech Risks

Property and Business Interruption

Colleges and universities have diverse property portfolios; from research facilities, power plants, and stadiums, to medical data centers, auditoriums and more. Each have unique risks of exposure to damage from disasters and business interruptions, which can cause severe problems to your operations, finances and reputation. Risk Strategies can craft coverage and plans to help minimize exposure to property damage and loss.

Builders Risk

When it comes to protecting your assets, property insurance only goes so far; it is designed to cover buildings already built. Builders risk protects your college or university for covered losses to buildings that are under construction or renovation. When preparing for a new building project or renovation, Risk Strategies can help you ensure the project is appropriately insured and protected.

Fine Arts

Your college or university doesn’t need a museum on campus to need fine arts coverage; it can protect more than you think. Beyond traditional fine art, any object or collection your school can inventory may be insurable under a fine arts program; often at better rates than a traditional property program. Risk Strategies Fine Art experts can show you how.

Marine Cargo and Inland Marine

Most property policies exclude or limit coverage for valuable assets and property damaged, lost or stolen while in transit. Risk Strategies experts understand these fine print problems and how to avoid them so you can feel confident a valuable item you are shipping across the U.S., or delicate research equipment being sent overseas is properly insured on land, sea or air.

Intellectual Property

Colleges and universities today are home to cutting-edge research and intellectual property (IP), which is great for new discoveries but also presents a potential for increased risk. Risk Strategies can craft intellectual property coverage that provides resources for institutions sued for IP infringement, including legal counsel and judgment costs, as well as legal coverage for enforcement actions.

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