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You’re not a statistic. While most loss and liability exposures share a lot in common, the key to crafting a truly effective protection program lies in seeing beyond the commonalities and understanding the factors that make your challenges unique.

For Risk Strategies clients in the Metro New York region, our Teaneck, NJ office has developed a number of exclusive methodologies that can get to the heart of your risk challenges. These focused, data-driven processes are a highly personalized way to tackle some of today’s most complex risk challenges from employee benefits to personal and professional liability.

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  • The Total Protection Program® is a three step process that is delivered to every client of our Metro New York operations, for all types of insurance. Our clients take advantage of this unique process for Group Health Insurance, Professional Liability, Business Property & Casualty, Life Insurance, Homeowners, Long Term Care, or Disability Insurance.
  • The HealthPlan Optimizer® process for Group Health Insurance delivers the ultimate buying experience. It’s the only way to make sure that you are not spending money on things that you do not need and that you have the best possible insurance for the money that you do spend.
  • The Executive Risk Audit™ is an in-depth review of all of your personal property, asset and liability exposures.

Our Teaneck office is also home to one the most authoritative sources of advice and guidance for law firm managers and professionals, The Law insurance Guru.

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