Fine Art, Media, Entertainment

The worlds of fine art, media, and entertainment are more dynamic than ever before. Today, conceiving, creating, presenting, producing and performing happen any and everywhere and new trends develop almost overnight.

Stay in step with changes and ahead of potential liabilities and careers grow and the show will go on. Get bogged down trying to manage the risks and exposures of a fast-changing landscape and it could be curtains.

Agile risk management makes it easy to pursue a hot new platform, format, style, meme, artist, venue or performer. But that agility requires a unique mix of industry-specific insight and specialized risk knowledge.

For over 100 years DeWitt Stern, a Risk Strategies Company specialty division, has remained the premier name for risk management in entertainment, media, and fine arts by anticipating changes and helping clients cost-effectively shift with the times.

Whether staging an exhibition, gallery opening, theatrical performance, concert tour or dance production, filming a motion picture, television series or advertisement, our highly experienced professionals know your industry and its particular risk challenges.

Entertainment & Media

With offices on both coasts and the largest staff of Entertainment and Media insurance brokers in the United States, DeWitt Stern’s professionals are worldwide specialists – able to coordinate talents to cover everything from basic needs like employee benefits and general liability to any type of specialty risk or issue- performance disruption to essential element cast; advertising wrap up to non-appearance and tax incentives.

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Fine Art

Creating, collecting, borrowing, lending, exhibiting, appraising, selling, packing, transporting; the ecosystem of Fine Arts is intricate and highly specialized. No matter what niche you occupy, DeWitt Stern has proven experience that can help simplify your risk profile and lower your overall costs.

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