Credit Unions

The average person might mistake a credit union for a bank, but you know better. Credit unions are unique organizations on the financial services landscape. Not-for-profit and cooperatively owned, credit unions take a different approach and have different needs.

We get it. We take a different approach to risk management; the specialist focus, delivering the personal attention and agility of a small firm with the reach and resources of a top-ranked national brokerage.

Our Credit Union Practice traces its founding back over a decade ago to a team of experts, including several Credit Union human resources professionals, responding to rapidly rising workers compensation insurance costs faced by credit unions in California.

The success of those initial efforts around workers compensation prompted the creation of a specialty division focused on the unique needs of credit unions.

Among the exclusive offerings created by this group for credit union clients are:

  • A self-funded medical plan with protection against large claims and a capped maximum annual liability
  • A workers compensation self-insured group alternative to traditional insurance market offerings that  provides long term cost control

To learn more about these offerings and how this group’s focused approach can help you with Property and Casualty, Workers Compensation and Employee Benefits insurance programs that fit the unique needs of Credit Unions Click here.