Employee Benefits

The Range Of Possibilities

Competitive benefits are a requisite part of attracting and retaining the best talent. But along with health, dental, vision and disability options there is a complex regulatory environment to navigate; from COBRA to the Affordable Care Act.

Risk Strategies is a national, top 20 insurance brokerage that can get you past the complexity. Higher education to manufacturing, construction to professional services, our people know your world and your particular needs.

Your Risk Strategies team blends experienced business perspectives with specialized industry knowledge and skills from outside the traditional insurance sector to develop new and better ways of aligning finance, human resources and senior management interests.

You’ll get the cost-effective, quality employee benefits you need to hire and retain the best talent; expertly designed and administered, fully compliant. No headaches. No surprises.

Fear No Technology

Benefits management technologies can sweep away the clutter and confusion of paper, ease information access, streamline complications and increase efficiency.

But selecting the right technologies, implementing them and getting the most from them in a rapidly changing market is a daunting task.

Don’t go it alone.

Click here and learn how we can help tame your tech.

Here are some of the ways we can help you:

Strategic Benefit Consulting

  • Systematic analysis of all benefit plans
  • Financial modeling
  • Plan design review and benchmarking
  • Compliance review and guidance (COBRA, HIPAA, ERISA)

Carrier Selection and Management

  • Vendor procurement and implementation
  • Renewal assessment and negotiation

Benefit Plan Administration

  • Simplified process management with online tools to organize and manage benefit plans
  • On-line enrollment facilities
  • Communication content development and design
  • Client Advocacy

Wellness & Employer Health Asset Management

  • On-site Biometrics screenings
  • On-site Health Fairs
  • Wellness seminars on smoking cessation, healthy eating, stress management and many more

International Benefits

  • Temporary and permanent international health insurance
  • Medical evacuations and global rescue services
  • International business travelers accident and health

Merger & Acquisition Support

  • Current benefits environment inventory
  • Compliance and financial liabilities assessments
  • Financial projections
  • Plan integration and consolidation
  • Employee disruption modeling